John Maher Photography

Fine Art Photography for Collections and Interior Design

For decades, John Maher has documented his travels to remote surf destinations around the world. This experience has allowed him to gain a deeper appreciation of the ocean landscape.

Maher’s experience in the ocean allows him to compose images that most people wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to see. Deep rooted beach culture and complete dedication to the ocean is the foundation of his photographic art.

John Maher the Waterman

Foremost, Maher is a waterman. He grew up on the beach in La Jolla, California, and at a young age began traveling internationally to work as an apprentice boatman, lifeguard, and professional surfer. Throughout his life, Maher has received surfing sponsorship from the highest quality brands in the industry, and has held the most coveted waterman positions around the world. Maher’s abilities are sought after by elite ocean-rescue organizations, surf marketing departments, and adventure travel agencies.

Maher’s wealth of ocean knowledge, and experience with ocean orientated products, influences thousands of loyal followers to his personal blog

John Maher Surf Photography Surfer Lifeguard San Diego Photo Image

John Maher surfing Puerto Escondido, Mexico.  Photo: DeCamp

Photography as a Profession

Maher’s knowledge of the ocean transfers directly into his photographic art. Although he has worked on personal photographic journals for decades, it wasn’t until 2013 that he decided to launch his ocean art photography business.

Within six months of launching his photography business, Maher won a National Geographic photography competition (over 10,000 other beautiful images were submitted), was recognized by the LUCIE Foundation as one of the finest emerging photographers in the world, was published, had monthly exhibitions including two solo shows, and teamed up with seasoned photographers on important high-profile projects, including one for the City of San Diego’s tourism authority.


Natural Transition

Maher’s blog followers had been inquiring about purchasing his travel images on for years, but he was reluctant to sell. “It was important for me to emerge as an artist with work that could be held to the highest standard, so in 2013 I set out to create three collections of images that I felt confident publishing to that degree.“

“The initial acclaim from critics, artists, peers, and clients, lead to early gallery representation, which was important in solidifying my artistic position. My ultimate goal is to compose images that inspire people. I want to display work that fills a space with positive ocean energy, can be enjoyed on a daily basis, and attracts each who pass by.”


When GoPro cameras where relatively unknown, the owner, Nicholas Woodman, enlisted Maher as the primary field researcher for the first GoPro HD Hero, the camera that gave the company international recognition as the most popular action camera on the market. Maher’s combination of camera knowledge, composition expertise, and skills in the ocean resulted in his images used in all of GoPro’s marketing materials, from TV spots, to full-page magazine advertisements, window displays, catalog covers, and product packaging.

Maher no longer uses or endorses GoPro, he prefers professional Canon equipment, but admits the little cameras are a great way to begin water photography.


Maher works directly with the highest quality printing team and custom framer in Southern California. Every order is completed with museum grade materials, and inspected before delivery. Maher prides himself on integrity and establishing lifelong relationships with both clients and teammates.

Ocean Energy

Maher’s collections personify the ocean’s ever-changing identity, and exhibit a visual exploration of ocean energy, and it’s impact on our emotional wellbeing. His images are a powerful expression of himself both as an artist, and as and individual.


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