Drift is an abstract ocean photographic technique that I developed years ago.  My original method captures the images as they are – meaning there is no photo manipulation in post processing (no photoshop).  I photographed all of these images at Windansea Beach, La Jolla, CA.

Each fine art print is inspected and signed by John Maher. Letters of authenticity are provided.

Contact John Maher for more information – john@johnmaherphoto.com

Drift 1 - John MaherDrift 2 - John MaherDrift 3 - John MaherDrift 4 - John MaherDrift 5 - John MaherDrift 6 - John MaherDrift 7Drift 8Drift 9Drift 10Drift 11Drift 11Drift 12Drift 13Drift 14Drift 15Drift 16Drift 17Drift 18Drift 19Drift 20Drift 21Drift 22Drift 23Drift 24Drift 25